5 Holiday Marketing Mistakes To Avoid This Year


Falling behind on the competitive holiday marketing rituals is something that many companies are liable to. We’ve put our heads together and come up with 5 common mistakes to try and avoid this year in the hopes that this Christmas is your best one yet.

Putting it off

We are all guilty of procrastinating. Whether it be washing the dishes or avoiding that tedious admin doc, we’ve all put something off that really wouldn’t have been that hard if we had done it straight away. The holiday season is a time where brands and agencies alike can create simple marketing strategies that have the potential to really boost sales or engagement. Once the plan has been set, the ball begins rolling and wonders can happen. Don’t miss the opportunity because something else sounded better.

Starting too late

This goes hand in hand with putting it off. Missing the opportunity altogether is a big mistake, but thinking it’s too early is just as dangerous. Christmas adverts have already been aired and lights are turning on, so if not now, when?

Not taking advantage of social media

Need I say more? The holidays are the perfect time to advance your social media presence. Whether you’re trying to sell a product or keep clients engaged, the holidays are a great time to build a strong brand identity. Social media can act as a full blown campaign strategy or to simply make your followers smile. Either way, take full advantage of the opportunity.

Slowing down

As the end of the working year draws closer, work begins to decelerate and many companies begin to put their feet up and relax and the “slow season” begins. This year, take that time as an opportunity to connect with companies and contacts that may be doing the same thing. Spirits are high and stress levels are low, what better time to engage in some new business or book that meeting you have been rescheduling all year?

Not sending clients season’s greeting

Your clients and customers are the reason your company is alive, so don’t forget to thank them. Send them a message that mimics your brand personality, puts a smile on their face and leaves a lasting impression for when the New Year begins.

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Want to work with us?

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