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Zendium: The Power of Natural Protection

BETC London approached our creative team once again to help build a range of CGI animations for Scandinavian toothpaste brand, Zendium.

Alongside the release of Zendium’s remastered TV advertisement, Space66 was brought in to produce a range of animated content to support the online components of the campaign.

Our CGI team created 3 master animations which were then re worked into a series of deliverables ranging from online films to 360 social advertisements to social media carousels.

Using Cinema 4D to build toothpaste, toothbrush and bacteria models from scratch alongside various other infographics, our team turned a simple packaging design into eye catching animations.

Experimenting with camera movement, playful text animations and meticulously texturing 3D visual elements, each animation had a different complex animation style to deliver a different message.


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