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Colocated support for Tourism Ireland's #GoTTapestry campaign

  • Client Publicis London
  • The Work Film Production, Social Media Content Production
  • Disciplines Design, Film, Motion, Digital Content, Retouching

Game of Thrones Tapestry

As Game of Thrones Season 7 rolled out, Space66 partnered with Publicis London to produce Tourism Ireland’s 2017 campaign featuring an incredible 77-metre long tapestry depicting key scenes from Game of Thrones seasons 1-7.

Our goal was to produce a range of social content which brought the tapestry to life and encouraged fans to visit the final work of art at the Ulster Museum in Belfast. Our colocated model allowed us to work in-house at Publicis London to help drive the speed and cost efficiency of delivery whilst filming and producing reactive content as each season 7 episode was aired and weaved into the tapestry.

Space66 were totally amazing they really understood the vision and the creative output that we were aiming for. The talent within the team was extensive and at the highest level. Forever offering a suite of options, which was very refreshing from a production company. What I liked was that they ran a tight ship which allowed us to deliver ahead of schedule and also supply more than that originally briefed. Most importantly, Space66 are a delight to work with they are the nicest people, I would recommend them to anyone and only hope you get the chance to work with them soon.   

Kal Parmar – Producer, Publicis London

Pre Production

As the weave began prior to the release of Season 7, Publicis London needed to transform a tangible product into digital content. Due to our extensive knowledge of both print and digital, we were able to advise the best methods of practice regarding scanning and weaving, to produce the highest quality content.

We worked alongside the creative team at Publicis London to find creative solutions for social content deliverable requirements as well as attending location recces to ensure the best quality footage was provided for the desired content.

Teaser and Making Of Film

After the initial consulting stages, Space66 flew to Belfast to begin shooting footage for the Teaser and Making Of films. After capturing various elements of the tapestry production process, from the initial illustration, mechanical weaving and final hand embroidery processes, post production began.

We kicked the production process off with a dramatic teaser trailer, selecting abstract and close up shots which set the scene of the tapestry that was about to be unveiled. Using After Effects and Premiere Pro, we edited a cinematic sequence and set a moody grade and soundtrack to give the film a Game of Thrones feel.

After the amount of media attention that the teaser attracted, we couldn’t wait to get our teeth stuck into our next challenge, The Making of Film. We followed a similar process to the teaser trailer whilst working to a voice over script which we assisted the Publicis creative team with at the recording session. Sound production also came into play as we re-worked tracks to help tell the best story of the making of the Game of Thrones tapestry.


Alongside the social media content, the full tapestry could be visited online Tourism Ireland’s interactive website. To ensure that every scanned episode of the tapestry online was as similar to the real artwork as possible, our specialist imaging & retouching studio in central London colour corrected each scan, disguised any flaws and stitched together threads between each cut off point.

Social Content

Working responsively on an array of assets, we delivered content each week as new season 7 episodes aired. At the start of the project, we set up a camera above the weaving loom which would take regular images of the tapestry throughout the weekly hand weaving process. These images were then placed into an image sequence and time-remapped to create a 20 second timelapse. Each week, this content was posted online and projected onto the wall at the Ulster Museum in Belfast where the tapestry stands so viewers got an understanding of how the new tapestry section added that week was constructed.

We were also tasked with creating a looping cinemagraph, deconstructing a key scene from one of our retouched tapestry scans and bringing elements of the tapestry to life in animation form. We cut out intricate details of the chosen scene and applying the puppet tool, were able to create a simple yet effective animation.

Once the entire tapestry had been weaved and erected at the museum, we collected all tapestry scans together and set up a 20-minute video pan of the full tapestry and using sound editing software, implemented various sound effects correlating to each scene.

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