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Supporting the Cara Delevingne and Rita Ora social campaigns

  • Client Rimmel
  • The Work Social Content
  • Disciplines Design, Motion, CGI

Social Content and CGI

Space66 joined the creative team at BETC London in November 2016 to support online activity for the Volume Shake campaign.

Our remit was to develop a suite of digital assets for social channels, ranging from simple edits from the TVC shoot with Cara Delevingne, to more complex CGI animations of the pack models.

After an initial phase consulting during shoot pre-production to ensure the right footage was captured for our diverse range of deliverables, we began the process of grading selects for the edits. These included makeup demos and tutorials, featuring straightforward beauty and application shots, but also brand content, such as a slickly choreographed music video cut sharply to a hip hop track.


Alongside edit, grade, and sound, our CGI artists had modelled and textured the packs to a high finish before we began bringing them to life in animation. Some emerged from ferrofluid liquids pulsing to rhythmic music, others developed from swirling mists of powder, each had its own distinct character.

As the Cinema 4D work grew more complex, render times at BETC increased. In order to keep up with the pace of output required we deployed a render farm on site, tripling the speed at which we could get files set for compositing.

Our Sydney motion team were prepped to work overnight GMT on any last minute change requests. This required strict file management and versioning, but demonstrated the value of a 24 hour production cycle to our client.

Social content

An extensive bank of short form content was also required for Instagram, to which end we crafted a range of short GIFs, Boomerangs, cinemagraphs, split-depth shots, and looping videos that could be easily adapted by local markets and pushed live across a period of several months.

Alongside BETC, we combed through hours of TVC and behind the scenes footage, picking out the shots of Cara which we could breathe extra life into with some post production magic. Time remapping allowed us to play with the pace of choreography, split-depth let us create the illusion of Cara reaching through the screen, and cinemagraphs brought subtle details into sharp focus.


Since November we’ve worked within BETC to develop several other Rimmel projects, the most recent being the Stay Matte campaign featuring Rita Ora, and a broad reaching range of influencer content starring makeup gurus from across the globe. Again our focus has been on delivering a large volume of social content, adapted from shot footage and originated by our CGI artists.


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