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Milka: Alpine World

Milka: Alpine World 

Space66 was tasked with creating a 360-degree VR experience that would be showcased at a business PR conference. The aim was to transport the user to the world of Milka by taking them on a magical journey which focused on the small, beautiful yet often seemingly insignificant moments. The user would be taken on a visual voyage to heighten their senses by dropping them into the beautiful landscapes and unfolding drama that is overlooked in normal films.



To achieve this, we developed an application written in JS, HTML and WebGL which was packaged using Cordova to allow the 360 video to run on Samsung Gear VR headset/Cardboard. The WebGL open specifications allowed us to run the experience within a mobile browser. We used the custom web view engine, Canvas+, as this is optimised for Canvas operations providing a subset of standard HTML5 function specifically designed to run Canvas based 2D/3D animations.

Screen Shot 2017-09-26 at 11.58.25



Once the application was running, users could initiate the film by clicking on either the screen or touchpad which would take them into the immersive world of Milka. On the first interaction with the play button, a no sleep mode would be activated, allowing the user to watch the entire sequence without the phone locking. The user would also not be able to use the touchpad to start and stop the video once connected to the Gear VR headset. If re-entering the app after removing and closing the headset, the video state would pause. The user could then touch the screen or touchpad to start the experience again.

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