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Delivering a Global Corporate Website

  • Client Guinness
  • The Work Web, Content
  • Disciplines UX, Design, Art Direction, Animation

Creating a global destination for brand engagement.

Guinness is a hugely popular brand whose drinks are enjoyed worldwide, but their site has never attracted the same crowds as their beverages. Guinness.com had been treated as a traditional billboard, displaying a recent campaign along with some information about the drink and its history.


Working with AMV BBDO, Guinness tasked Space66 to bring their .com into the 21st century. We wanted Guinness.com to be a place where Guinness not only proudly shares their latest craft beers but also a destination where people come together to create current and relatable content worth sharing. Here we could discover both how a young brewer from Dublin worked with the brew master of Storehouse to develop a unique beer, and how an upcoming young African rapper carved out a career through the help of Arthur Guinness Project. Memorable quotes would be pulled from Twitter, videos from YouTube, and photos from Instagram to make for a constantly updating hub.

The design and user experience are very much based on the simple idea of visual navigation, behaving similarly to Pinterest and Facebook – spot what you like and dive in deep to experience the content. Users are welcomed by a broad selection of Guinness projects from around the world. In Phase 2 this will also be the only place that Guinness fans can truly experience the brand personalities.



The new Guinness.com platform will serve at least 16 local markets. One of the many challenges of this project was ensuring that the fluid tile design could be easily updated  anywhere at anytime. To this end, the site is equipped with a simple yet powerful CMS – if you know how to use Word, you know how to use it.

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