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Supporting the Global Launch of a New Model

  • Client Bentley
  • The Work Image Content
  • Disciplines CGI, 3D, Retouching

Creating a suite of visual assets worthy of a market leader.

Our initial project for Bentley was to retouch 90 interior and exterior shots of a new model in support of a global launch. Each shot and every detail was meticulously crafted by our specialist retouchers to Bentley’s premium standards, generating a stunning suite of images.




Space66 has also undertaken CGI projects for Bentley where a photographic solution would prove prohibitive in terms of logistics, as shipping vehicles around the globe when they are simultaneously required for media & press launches creates insurmountable problems.




In addition, adopting this purely digital approach has proven to save a significant amount of time and cost over traditional techniques, as well as providing far greater flexibility when generating assets for use across multiple campaigns, channels and communications.

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