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Multi-Channel, Multi-Region Delivery for Axe

  • Client Axe
  • The Work Online, Rich Media & DOOH
  • Disciplines Design, CGI, Animation, Development, HTML5

Production support for media campaigns across markets.

Space66 has supported Axe across a wide range of markets over many years, providing production support for high volume and high profile campaigns with an impressive trophy cabinet.



This campaign for BBH NY focussed on promoting the new White Label Shower, Hair and Deodorant product range in the US.

Produced for BBH NY, Space66 delivered four creative concepts across an eight month period, each concept consisting of multiple rich media banners – built and trafficked through our partner Sizmek – as well as standard and mobile formats.

The rich delivery consisted of multiple expanding units that allowed the user to watch several TVCs created by BBH NY.  Using Sizmek’s only recently released Youtube plugin, we were able to stream 60″ films in the highest HD quality whilst adding to the all-important view count.

The standard and mobile banners were simple but beautifully executed, focussing purely on the new product range, and included a tutorial-style demonstration of how to achieve the perfect Axe look using the new hair gel.

With a large Unilever media spend behind it, the White Label campaign drove excellent sales from the moment it hit the stores, and Axe extended the campaign in summer 2015 by having Space66 convert the existing flash creatives to HTML5.




In 2013, AXE launched the AXE Apollo Space Academy, a global initiative to send people to space. Launching with a message from Buzz Aldrin and supported by a fully integrated campaign, AXE invited guys to sign up via our socially enabled hubsite. Lucky recruits were sent to Space Camp in Florida where 23 were selected for the adventure of a lifetime. Space. This epic story will be told in a TV documentary airing in over 50 countries.

Axe_body4 (1)

Our involvement started from the original client brief, enabling a conceptual approach to design from day one.  After months of soft pitches and prototyping the idea was sold and we could get excited.  Now for all the fun.  Fast forward a year and the Axe Apollo website would be launched globally, with over 30 different localisations.  

Driving traffic to the site and promoting the competition online was a huge swarm of online advertising and social content.  We designed, built and delivered the vast majority of this which included the global website, an asteroid arcade game, expandable rich media, social films, and hundreds of localised standard banners to drive awareness.




Fresh from the space mission we set out working on the follow up: Axe Peace, an equally ambitious campaign which carried the slogan “Make Love, Not War” to a global audience. This consisted of an enormous media plan that saw our team producing digital display ads for over 20 different territories.  The production approach was so successful it was replicated for the launch of Axe’s new facelift, with new artwork and a condensed can.  Our international team worked with media companies and publishers across the globe to produce over 100 variants of this campaign.  An astonishing feat which demonstrates the potential of our round-the-clock offering.

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