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Imaging & Retouching

Space66 offers our clients access to exceptional skills in the creation, composition, retouching and management of photographic imagery. With a team of 20 industry leading expert photographers, retouchers and CGI artists, Space66 is able to offer clients a full service in the origination, delivery and management of high resolution image assets including product, marketing and advertising campaign materials to award winning quality standards.

Whether producing high end product imagery for luxury brands, reducing the cost of adaptation of imagery through integration of 3D and CGI disciplines or managing colour consistency across a global portfolio of branded imagery, Space66 is able to deliver this service as a separate offering or integrated into larger campaigns and content marketing strategies.

We handle photographic and image creation projects from concept, art direction, production and delivery – all delivered by our expert producers. We’ll even help you navigate the sometimes complex landscape of royalties and rights management.

Our most recent feat of retouching came in an extremely large format – 77.95 metres to be precise! The Game of Thrones tapestry project saw us retouching sections of the epic woven recreation of the popular television series over a period of eight weeks.


Our specialist imaging & retouching studio in central London also provides our clients access to private, secure work spaces, as well as a dedicated photographic studio space and colour calibrated output devices including monitors and soft proofing facilities.

As a supplementary service, Space66 is also able to consult with brands on the management of their digital image assets, recommending, configuring and overseeing digital asset management systems for local or global deployment.

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