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Content is fast becoming the lifeblood fuelling brands and driving engagement with customers. Space66 offers a comprehensive range of digital content production services to support your content marketing efforts. From strategic support through to high volume digital content production and delivery, we have you covered.

Content-hungry, always-on platforms provide a great playground for brands to engage with their target audiences. These platforms need a significant amount of support and investment in order to establish a positive, personal and real time relationship with your consumers. At Space66 we have nearly ten years’ extensive experience in producing branded digital content at scale. We’ve delivered infographics, still and moving image content, written content, audio assets and more in support of both high profile campaigns and ongoing content and social media strategies.¬†

Joining Publicis on the epic Game of Thrones tapestry campaign, we directed shoots and captured footage from each stage of the tapestry production process, from the initial illustrations, via mechanical weaving, right through to the final hand embroidery processes. From that source material, all final deliverables were then produced by our colocated team working from within Publicis London. Editing, sound design and post production all took place on Baker Street within the agency to help drive the speed and cost efficiency of delivery.

Our team of motion graphics artists, animators, photographers, directors, videographers, writers and designers all collaborate closely with our clients to deliver beautifully executed, highly targeted content solutions. With support from industry leading content strategists, information architects and content producers, Space66 is able to offer its clients comprehensive content marketing support.

Equally experienced in content adaptation as origination, our colocated motion team support BETC with their diverse social output on Rimmel, combing through hours of TVC shoot and BTS clips to create original, thumb-stopping, snappy content for Twitter, YouTube, and Instagram. A typical day sees us prepping titles in design, grading and editing footage, 3D modelling makeup packaging, manipulating it in animation, and pulling it all into our test social channels for QA prior to delivery.

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