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AR & VR – two hot topics in the world of digital production. Both technologies are rapidly moving from cutting edge experimental technologies, into something brands and organisations are starting to deploy within marketing and advertising communications. Whilst both technologies are often spoken about in the same breath, there are significant differences that brands must understand in order to leverage these exciting new possibilities.

Augmented Reality is a technology that enables the integration of virtual elements into a real life view of the world, often handled by overlaying images, 3D elements and additional controls on to of a live image feed from the camera of a smartphone or tablet device. The technology is set to explode in popularity over the next twelve months as the industry experiments with Apple’s ARKit framework.

Space66 has extensive capabilities that enable us to create Augmented Reality experiences and applications for brands, using a combination of our expertise in user experience, 3D design, CGI and user interface design.

Virtual Reality is a slightly different technology, where entire environments are created virtually, using a combination of 3D environmental modelling, lighting, texture mapping and animation – and accessed by a user wearing a Virtual Reality device such as the Oculus Rift, Google Cardboard or Samsung Gear VR headsets. Space66 created one such VR experience for Federation University, transporting prospects to the campus for a tour of the facilities. We shot the footage across 24 locations over 3 days, deploying the experience within a Gear VR app now used at expos across Australia and Asia.

In addition to being able to deliver these complex virtual reality environments, wrapped in standalone mobile and web applications, Space66 also offers a full production solution to brands wishing to create and deploy 360º video experiences, which can also be viewed using VR hardware, or via new web technologies such as Facebook’s support for 360º video. We’re equally comfortable receiving footage as we are shooting it, as seen in the below experience for Milka for which we worked exclusively on post production.

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