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Training & Skills Development

We know how tough it is keeping up with the ever evolving landscape of disciplines and technologies in our industry, and many clients we’ve spoken to feel the same. Which is why we offer ongoing training and skills development to your teams as a standard part of our service to you.

This comprises three main areas:

1. On the job training & skills development. Colocation enables your team to work closely with experts from across a wide range of creative & production disciplines. We help your team understand in detail the processes, techniques, technology and terminology involved in each field from first hand experience. Our teams are encouraged, and incentivised, to share their knowledge with you and to guide you through processes you may not yet have been exposed to.

2. Online training. Space66 will provide you with unrestricted access to our online training platform. Our teams working across multiple locations – as well as our core team based in Soho, London – continually grow and refine the content of our online programs based upon new industry trends and learning from out in the field.

3. Classroom training. Where required, Space66 also offers a bespoke training service to our clients, which can be held at your own facility or one of many we have located in the UK, US and Australia. The content of each workshop can be tailored to your exact needs, delivered by one of our Space66 approved partners or training managers.

Training and skills development can be provided to cover the following topics;

Agile Marketing

Agile Project Management

Web & Campaign Analytics

Online Advertising

Digital Out of Home

User Experience

Content Strategy

Digital Production

Content Production

Test Methodologies & Technologies

In addition to supporting your team, Space66 is committed to constantly developing our own team members with class leading training and skills development, ensuring each of our employees receives a mandatory 12 days allowance per year for attending internal and external training workshops and a significant financial investment per team member for external training. We’re big believers that motivated individuals build great marketing programs. Give them the environment, resources and support they need, and trust them to get the job done.

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