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Colocated Digital Production

Colocated Digital Production is an idea that separates Space66 from the crowd. It’s a new way of working designed to eliminate the frustration that exists between clients and agencies constrained by the traditional model.

We’ve designed a new way to work with our clients, providing you significant advantages over the way you are probably doing things now. The idea is simple. We create an in-house digital production facility within your agency or marketing department, giving you direct access to the people and skills needed to deliver content and communications at scale.

In a world where marketing operations are edging ever closer to real time delivery, the delay caused by engaging an external production company can be the difference between harnessing an opportunity and missing the boat. Colocated Digital Production, in combination with a team following Agile Marketing principles, greatly accelerates speed to market by reducing the amount of communication and process required to progress from idea to execution.


We also save you a significant amount of money. Colocation enables us to dramatically reduce the overheads in our business, ensuring more of your budget is spent crafting content and communications and less is wasted on layers of management hierarchy and expensive city centre facilities.

You’ll also find the flexibility that Colocated Digital Production offers an advantage over creating your own team or bringing in skills on an ad hoc basis. We review team shape and structure on a regular basis, giving you the opportunity to change the casting of the team in response to your changing requirements and market circumstances – something which would be very hard to do with your own in-house facility.

You’ll learn more about the wonderful world of digital by working alongside the practitioners in our business. And you’ll also benefit from the training and skills development we offer all of our clients as a standard part of our service. We’re big believers in helping our clients understand in detail what it is we do and how we do it. It’s all about breaking down barriers, clarifying understanding and giving you the tools you need to deliver highly effective and engaging communications to your audiences.

If you would like to find out more about how colocation can benefit your marketing department, contact one of the team today.

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