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Agile Marketing is an approach to marketing operations based upon the principles of the widely adopted Agile project management methodology. Agile Marketing is an iterative process where highly collaborative teams work in a series of short cycles, incorporating rapid feedback during delivery.

True collaboration can be hard to achieve without a framework, and at Space66, we believe the Agile Marketing manifesto provides an effective structure for multi-disciplinary teams to follow, especially where marketing performance is the focus of activity. The highest priority in Agile Marketing is to satisfy the customer through early and continuous delivery of marketing that solves problems and creates value – it’s so much more than providing you the ability to deliver a timely message in response to a trending hashtag.


Agile Marketing is a way of working that fundamentally changes how your marketing department and our expert practitioners work together. The flexibility that the Space66 colocation model provides enables you to welcome and plan for change. We believe that the ability to quickly respond to change is a source of competitive advantage – one facilitated by a flexible commercial arrangement, with the ability to rapidly adapt the skills and capabilities within your core team, in response to a changing marketplace – something that’s hard to do with a team you directly employ.

And instead of expending energy creating a marketing plan for the year which is irrelevant by the end of Q1, Space66 delivers marketing programs often, from every couple of weeks to every two months, with a preference to shorter timescales – and often focussed on testing a new hypothesis or delivering continuous improvements within specific marketing & advertising channels.

Colocating our team also helps create far greater alignment with the various stakeholders within your business. It helps ensure marketing is aligned to business strategy – another important guiding principle of Agile Marketing. We’ll work with you to train those stakeholders, helping to educate your team regarding the processes and terminology that surround Agile Marketing and putting the foundations in place to deliver your first Sprint.

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